Building A New Website For Simon Butler Photography

Simon pinged me an email a few months back after seeing what I’d designed for a friend of his.

The brief was fairly simple. He hated his current site and wanted a total refresh.

The first thing we tackled was his logo and branding. When he’s off photographing weddings, he often wears a Hawaiian shirt that is adored with tiny pink flamingos and indeed, a flamingo was my first port of call for part of his logo but it didn’t quite work.

Especially taking into account that the logo would shrink down for mobile devices but we rolled with a strong blue and pink colour theme with green palm leaves in for a stark contrast.

Once I’d created a bit of a branding mood board that he loved. I got stuck in.

Often, we use reams of text to try and sell ourselves and Simon had done that previously on his old site – he’s a damn legend and a truly lovely guy with a heart of gold so I put my big boy pants on and told him I was going to be cutting a lot of it back to make it more streamlined.

The new site is night and day from the old one which I genuinely wish I’d gotten a screengrab of before I took it all down but live and learn right? This one below is his brand, spanking new website.

If you’ve got a moment spare, you can check it out for yourself:

If you’re a wedding photographer or indeed, any kind of photographer for that matter who’s looking for a new website, I’d love to have a chat with you.

Just hit my contact page to get in touch.