What Is A Landing Page

Quite often, I’m asked ‘What does it cost?’ when people are asking me to build them a website. The reality is, it’s normally followed up with ‘What do you need?’ and that’s where confusion can sometimes kick in because if we’re honest, this shit is confusing at times.

At times, I deal with people who really don’t need a 10-page monster website with a chunky gallery of images to process, a 5000-word-count info page and well, other stuff.

They can easily get away with having a landing page website designed for them.

This is exactly what I did for Larissa. A counsellor based in the midlands who needed a website for future clients to find her, read up on what services she can offer and ultimately, get in touch.

I mean, when your brief is ‘I just need people to be able to get in touch’ you already know you don’t need dozens of pages to achieve that but more than that, the definition of a landing page is about ‘lead capture’.

Sorry, I know – another random term that might be nothing. A ‘lead’ is just a marketing term given to someone enquiring about your business. They’ve not booked anything or paid for anything – they’ve just gotten in touch.

So we’re starting to get a bit of clarity on what a landing page really is – A single-page website that contains all the required info without going off on weird tangents or being bloated out with junk just to fill the stack of empty pages.

Another plus point is that it’s considerably cheaper to build out a landing page than your usual multi-page site.

That doesn’t mean you have to just stick with one single page. Using Larissa as an example again, she sent me over her images and I got stuck in building the landing page that would become her website. But after a while it became apparent to us that she would need somewhere for her clients to fill out forms and read up on a contract and such so retrospectively, we shifted how the site was used and I created a couple of pages to help tackle the admin side of things to help streamline her business.

These pages don’t show up in any navigation either so she doesn’t have to worry about people trying to fill out the wrong things or get caught up and confused in the wrong place either.

And there we go. A landing page site would be perfect for your small business if you’re, like Larissa, a counsellor or have something that you really just need essential information and a place for someone to reach out and get in touch.

If you’d like me to design a landing page for your business, just hit me up on my contact page or email me directly at hello@roderickalan.com